The company has announced the release of Samsung Galaxy S9 Series smartphones.

Samsung's mobile division chairman DJ Joe announced the launch of Samsung's first flagship smartphone since 2018. Co announced.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Series smartphone will be launched in February at the International Mobile Congress (MWC 2018). With the official release of the release, the smartphone-based information has been kept secret.

The International Mobile Congress will be held from Feb. 26 to March 1 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones last year, two flagship smartphones are expected to be released this year as Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.
Earlier reports revealed that most of the new smartphones's camera hardware features were likely to be made. It is said that this could only be provided by a single camera unit without providing a dual camera lens. Also, the fingerprint sensor is expected to be mounted on the Edge-to-Edge display of newer smartphones.

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